Ultra Trim protine powder
​Triple-Source Protein Provides The Essential 
 Protein You Need, Without The Added Calories, 
 Carbs or Fats You Don't Want!

Balanced Protein Powder Mix 
 Only 70 Calories Per Serving! 

Vitamin Power's Ultra Trim Protein Powder mix turns low fat 
 milk or juice into a power-packed drink with a special formulation 
 of three high-quality natural protein sources:
• Isolated Soy Protein 
• Calcium Caseinate 
• Whey 

 Ultra Trim Protein Powder has only 70 calories per serving 
 to help assure you the essential daily protein intake you need, 
 without the added calories you don't. Ultra Trim Protein Powder 
 is easy to mix and delicious to drink with a light, vanilla flavoring, 
 and is an ideal natural protein source with the following benefits:

• Low calorie blend (only 70 calories per serving) 
• Low in carbohydrates 
• Low in fats 
• Successfully supplements your weight management diet
• Formulated to assure essential daily protein intake 
• Protein - 17 grams 
• Provides optimum amino acid balance 
• Ideal nutritive aid to weight-control

 In this formula, Soy Protein & Whey Protein are boosted with 
 Calcium Caseinate, an excellent natural protein source derived 
 from non-fat milk and very high in the beneficial amino acid 
 glutamic acid. Calcium Caseinate breaks down at a slower rate 
 than soy and whey protein, thus supplying a sustained protein release. 

 It's used as a supplement by dieters as well as bodybuilders and 
 other athletes, who ingest it before bedtime, with breakfast, as post 
 work-out meal, etc. 

 No caffeine, corn, egg deritives, gluten, wheat or yeast; 
 No artificial colorings or preservatives.  

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