Ultra Jojoba  Shampoo
​This nutritionally-enhanced formula provides a wide spectrum of 
 hair-healthy nutrients including Jojoba Oil, Biotin, Vitamins B12, 
 C & E plus Panthenol and Protein... Gentle, moisture-enhancing, 
 nutritionally-rich hair care all in one delightfully-scented shampoo.

 Formulated for both men and women, Ultra Jojoba invigorates hair and scalp with a 
 blend of Jojoba Oil, Botanical Extracts, B-Complex, Vitamins C & E plus Panthenol and 
 hydrolyzed Wheat Protein.

 Developed as a daily therapeutic treatment to help strengthen all hair types. 
Regular use of this premium shampoo works to eliminate clogging sebum and 
dead skin from the scalp as it infuses each hair shaft with Vitamin Powers revitalizing multi-nutrient complex.

 Cleanses, removes impurities, eliminates buildup to encourage healthy hair. Helps 
 prevent breakage and split ends; Conditions, invigorates and adds volume without weighing hair down;
 Jojoba oil has been used to help moisturize the scalp to help prevent dry, flaking scalp.

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8 oz Bottle