Ultra Flush
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Ultra Flush Internal Cleansing Fiber Blend Powder...

Our dietary fiber supplement supports the body's own natural 
detoxification process. Ultra Flush Internal Cleanser is a gentle detox 
supplement developed to provide you with beneficial multi-fiber internal 
cleansing action, These naturally-derived herbal and nutritive food source 
ingredients work to help flush out harmful toxins, help eliminate bloating, 
intestinal gas and unhealthy inflammation.

Get the Power of Naturally-Derived Psyllium plus Herbs with this
 Dietary Fiber Supplement 

Dietary fiber supplements like Ultra Flush support healthy detoxification, 
assisting your body's ability to flush out harmful toxins, subsequently
become more naturally energized.

 The Natural Ingredients in Ultra Flush Include: 
 Finely-milled Psyllium husk, Kale, Carrot Goji Berry extract,
Spinach, Celery, Black Walnut, Ginger Root extract, Garlic 
deodorized extract and Oat Bran.

 Our Ultra Flush dietary fiber supplement contains no added 
caffeine, corn, gluten, milk (dairy) products, egg derivatives, sodium, starch, 
sugar, wheat or yeast. No artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives 
are added to this easy-to-mix powder.

 Simply mix Ultra-Flus Powder with cold water or your favorite vegetable 
juice for convenient detoxifying multi-fiber supplementation. 

 37 Servings per Container 

 Recommended Directions: 
Use as a dietary supplement, add 4 level teaspoons 
(equivalent to approx. 12 grams) of Ultra Flush Powder into 8 ounces 
of cold water or vegetable juice. Mix well and drink immediately.
 Follow with an additional 8 ounces of water or juice. Drink 30 minutes 
before a meal and may also be taken at bedtime.

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