Salmon Oil EPA
​Heart-Healthy Omega 3 Salmon Oil Softgels

 Vitamin Power Salmon Oil EPA is a powerful salmon oil supplement, 
 a natural source of omega 3 fatty acids. The use of natural salmon oil, 
 like that found in our salmon oil vitamins, has been shown to offer the 
 following benefits:

 Take Salmon Oil Supplements for Overall Good Health

 Vitamin Power is dedicated to providing you with vitamins and supplements 
 that help you maintain overall good health. Our salmon oil supplement does 
 just that, by providing essential nutrients for the body. As a convenient method 
 of adding salmon oil to your daily dietary intake, this softgel capsule supplies 
 superior quality EPA which is naturally rich in beneficial, heart-healthy omega-3 
 fatty acids.

 Our salmon oil supplements contain no caffeine, corn, gluten, milk or egg derivatives, 
 salt, sodium, soy, starch, sugar, wheat, yeast, artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives.

 Recommended Use: As a daily dietary supplement, 
 take one or more Vitamin Power salmon oil capsules, 
 preferably with a meal.
100 Softgels
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