Nutra Trim System Kit
​All-inclusive (30 day supply) dietary supplement kit providing 
power-packed multifunctional nutritional boost to low fat, 
 reduced carb weight-loss diets and fat-burning fitness regimens...

 Total Retail Value $77.50 (5 Products)
 ALL FOR ONLY $51.99

Green Tea Trim Complex Prod. No. 1557P - 90 Capsules
Ultra Trim Protein Powder Prod. No. 1015 - 16 oz Powder
Ultra Multi 90 Plus Multi Vitamins and Minerals Prod. No. 1090H - 30 Tablets
L-Carnitine 250 mg Prod. No. 959H - 30 Capsules
Ener-Boost Tabs Prod. No. 1590H - 30 Tablets

 Designed to help optimize your health and weight management objectives, 
 this multifunctional nutrition system includes Green Tea Trim Complex,
 L-Carnitine supplement and Ener-Boost Vitamin B12 formula, each
 a vital component of an all-in-one nutritional fat-metabolizing program.

Utilizing a specific set of nutritional formulations, Ultra Trim Weight 
 Management Program is designed to complement your fat-burning 
 objectives and to help assure a greater return on your daily dietary 
 and physical fitness investment. 

It assists healthy long-term weight loss by supporting efficient metabolic
 functions in your body. Increasing daily protein intake and including specific 
 vitamins, minerals with food-based nutritional factors in your daily low-fat 
 diet are known to help stimulate your body's own ability to burn fat, as well 
 as utilize protein more efficiently, curb your appetite and alleviate the excess 
 fluids which cause uncomfortable bloating. 

Provides a strong nutritional foundation for successful, 
 long-term weight loss...
 Supplying essential vitamins, minerals, highest quality protein and specific
 whole food-derived nutrients are required for maintaining optimum health 
 and vitality. Nutritional support is especially important when you're 
 minimizing carb consumption, fat intake and managing daily caloric intake.

Ultra Trim Health and Weight Management Program Contains This Synergistic
Combination of These Five Beneficial Dietary Supplements:

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